How to See Your Blocked List On Facebook

How To See Your Blocked List On Facebook - Facebook let you obstruct people from your account if you locate somebody frustrating. Similarly, other people could likewise block your profile. This stop further communication between two accounts and also they will not have the ability to start a brand-new discussion in any way. Neither they could see each other's profile, timeline messages, tags and also other points. If you've been obstructed by somebody, you'll not get any kind of message or notice from Facebook side. It's entirely private up until the person sends an allow him know message by hand to the blocked customer.

After examining your pal list, you could discover that some of the people are no longer friend with you. So what took place to them? Stating that they have blocked you is entirely incorrect at this point. There are 3 opportunities. Either they have unfriended you, obstructed you or deactivated their very own account. If you've will to understand that in fact occurred, this tutorial will certainly guide you ways to check out the instance.

How To See Your Blocked List On Facebook

1. Look them on Facebook

First thing you've to do is to browse the name of individual on Facebook. If you could discover them and also there is a "add pal" switch on their account, after that he/she just unfriended you. At this moment, we can with confidence claim that the individual hasn't already blocked you and also it is active on Facebook (suggests he hasn't deactivate his account as well).

On the other hand, if you do not find the profile in search engine result, it means that either he has blocked you or deactivated his account. Now lets take this search procedure a step ahead. Simply logout your account as well as browse them once more on Facebook. This time, you might discover the profile If indeed, after that the person is energetic and he has blocked you.

Most of the times, you won't have the ability to find the appropriate individual after logging out. This is because, their might be hundreds of individuals with the very same name and also Facebook has no reference to show results which have mutual friends. If you don't locate it, this doesn't means that the individual isn't energetic.

Lastly, search for their account by browsing them from your various account. If you do not have any, develop a new one or use your good friend account. Make certain that it has couple of mutual friends with the person. If you can discover them, you could say that the person is active as well as most probably, he has obstructed your account.

Note: Some individuals conceal their account from Facebook search to make sure that nobody can find them directly. Their privacy setup is readjusted in such a way that only mutual friends and individuals who look them with e-mail address or mobile number could discover their account. If you will not be able to discover the individual, don't quit and also proceed your investigation with various other methods.

2. Directly see their profile
One more method to discover whether the individual has obstructed you or otherwise is to see their account directly by entering their profile link in LINK tab. If you aren't sure just what their profile link is, you ought to recognize their username. Many people keep very same username almost everywhere. You could try to find it from their various other social accounts like from Twitter or Instagram. Currently for example, if the username is mevivekch, then the profile web link will be:

After visiting the link, if you'll be redirected to the Facebook homepage or if it reveals an error message, this implies that the person has either obstructed you or deactivated his account.

To understand the actual truth, see that very same link from different account, specially from one which has mutual friends. Likewise try to see it while logged out. If you can find them, there is a high possibility that they've blocked you.

You could also utilize Google search engine to locate their account. To do that, look for their first and last name and also add "Facebook" search phrase after it. You could additionally include their job place and college name to limit the search engine result. (See listed below picture).

Now once more run over experiment and discover whether you could access their account or otherwise.

3. Inspect old discussion
When the person will obstruct you, you won't have the ability to start a new discussion with them. This is exactly what actually occurs after blocking someone. However fortunately, you can still review those old messages. Available to your Facebook messages as well as locate your discussion with them. If you're not able to send out a new message and their name (which will certainly be change to "Facebook User") remains in black strong letter which is not clickable, there is a high possibility that you've been obstructed. Likewise inspect their account photo. It will certainly show a placeholder image rather than their real image.

To go across check this, aim to send out a brand-new message from different Facebook account. If they react, this suggests that their profile is active as well as you could be blocked. Try checking out better.

4. Ask mutual friends
This is a manual search where you could ask your mutual friends for the concern. Leave a message for them asking whether the blocker is energetic on their account or otherwise when did it come online last time. You could also ask your friends directly face to face whether the individual is utilizing Facebook or otherwise. Or it is simply you that obtained obstructed? This will certainly offer you right solution.

Some individuals just clean their pal list to control an on the internet addiction or merely to cut out all those close friends who are no longer in contact. Additionally, think whether you have actually annoyed or troubled them. Read your old discussion and recall your phone & genuine talk with find just what really happened that forced them to obstruct you? If you got the answer, definitely you have actually been blocked by them.

5. Utilize the Graph API
Utilizing this approach, you could learn whether the profile is energetic or out. If you understand the individual's mathematical customer ID (Facebook assign serial number per customer), attempt to access their profile photo at - customer ID)/ photo.

Here replace (customer ID) with the numerical user ID of the blocker. For example, you can access my account image at -

If it shows a genuine profile image of user, then the profile is energetic and also if it shows a placeholder photo, then the account has been shut off. This technique is for sophisticated users and it may or could not function. So don't adhere to this approach only.

Additional Details: Earlier Facebook permit to utilize custom username in graph API rather than making use of lengthy numerical user ID. However, this function has actually been eliminated for some protection factors and also now it allow numerical individual ID just which is extremely difficult to obtain (especially if the person has actually obstructed you).

6. Inspect group activities
After obstructing, you can still engage with the individual in Facebook groups and also applications. If you're a team admin and also the blocker is the member of that same team, you could examine his tasks like blog posts as well as remarks. If his name remains in black vibrant letters and you're to incapable to click it, this means that the individual has obstructed you.

This way, you can quickly find out who has actually blocked you on Facebook. If you've any questions, please let me know in below remark box. Do you know any other far better method to investigate this case?