How to Find Out Facebook Username

How To Find Out Facebook Username - Do you recognize what is your facebook URL which will link to your page?
what about your facebook ID?

" Why should i understand ~".

hey ... they serve when you want to make any FB plugin in your blog site.
considering the connect to your page. believe me!

How To Find Out Facebook Username

Below the actions to find out your FB LINK.

1. Click your account, click the web link 'Add Badge to Your Website'.
you can locate it on the bottom left corner.

2. There will be couple of selections under the word: 'Choose where to add the badge'.

3. Click 'Other'.
codes will certainly appear and also duplicate it to your note pad.

* click images for larger sight.

6. In the codes in your notepad, you could discover your facebook URL.

the pink high light is my Facebook URL. you could find yours, copy.
and also paste it to your address tab. you will certainly watch your Facebook account.
similar to other individuals watch it.

* click photos for bigger sight.

If you could watch similar to this, then that is your correct FB LINK.
that. Think me. You gon na utilize this [here]

Next is the pointers to find your FB ID, very easy!:
1. Login to your facebook (I recognize it currently went to now) hehe.

2. Click to profile > click the 'photos' under your profile photo.

3. Pick 1 picture and also click it.

4. Describe the address tab as well as the LINK of the image.
You can find your ID there.


The numbers in the pink emphasize is my FB ID.


Can I change my Facebook Profile LINK?
Yes. You can transform your Facebook Account URL

To do that, most likely to Account Setup > Username. Click edit.

Enter in a username and select "check availability.".

How many times can I alter my Facebook Account URL?

You can chance your profile LINK once-- so make sure it is led to right and you like it.

Why are some Facebook Profile LINK's different?
If a person has actually not altered their Facebook URL you will see a bunch of numbers

If they have altered their Facebook Account LINK, you will see a customized URL called a vanity LINK.

For instance, my Facebook Profile URL is:

Ideally this article in order to help you, Thankyou for Reading.