How Do I Merge 2 Facebook Pages

How Do I Merge 2 Facebook Pages - So you have multiple Facebook Pages representing the one business or company? It takes place more frequently than you believe, where several Facebook web pages have been developed by numerous individuals in an organization. The moment has involved sync up the content and also web pages so there is one consistent image and brand voice.

Combining two Facebook pages is pretty easy, however it is essential you follow our guidelines carefully below to guarantee you don't loose any type of web content or fans along the road.

How Do I Merge 2 Facebook Pages

Step 1:
As always, you have to be an admin of both pages as well as they should have the exact same mailing address and similar page names, which will certainly show to Facebook that these web pages stand for the same business. If the page names, addresses or categories are dissimilar, modify the web page you do not intend to maintain. Note: Facebook restricts the number of times you could transform the name of an organisation web page.

Step 2:
Click on the admin settings tab of either of both web pages you wish to merge. Under the "general" features, there will certainly be a menu item near the bottom called "Merge Pages." Broaden it and click the "Combine duplicate Pages" link.

Step 3:
After entering your password, you will be directed to a new web page where you will be asked to pick the two web pages you intend to merge with each other. Pick the page you wish to keep in the top box and select the web page you wish to merge in the second box, as it will certainly be completely eliminated from Facebook and you will not have the ability to unmerge it. Note: you will certainly shed all timeline content from the page you want merged.

Step 4:
Click Confirm, and also you're done!

so simple ... so easy :D

Typical questions we obtain ...
Does it matter just what my page duty condition is?
Yes, you need to be detailed as the admin in order to merge pages.

Can I merge an informal Facebook web page or a page I don't administer into my organisation page?
No, you must be a manager on all the pages you want to combine.

What happens if the firm names are not exactly alike?
Prior to attempting to merge, alter the firm names so they match. When the modification is finished by Facebook, you ought to have the ability to merge them. For simpleness sake, you could wish to make sure each account has a different profile picture so you could identify them throughout the merging process.

If both pages have vanity URLs, can you determine which one you wish to keep?
Yes, you ought to be given this option during the merging procedure.

Can I combine a web page with great deals of sort right into a page with fewer likes?
Facebook recommends that you combine the page with much less suches as right into the page with more, however if you're a Facebook advertiser you can attempt a workaround by mosting likely to your Ads Supervisor support tools and also adhering to the combine process there, which provides you a little a lot more control.

Just what info will be kept and what will be shed?
When combining pages, all the likes and check-ins will be migrated to the remaining page. Nonetheless any blog posts or images will certainly be shed so be sure to download them initially.

Can I merge accounts that become part of the Locations structure?
Yes, you can combine local pages that are linked to Locations.

Once I do the merge, for how long should it take until I see it completed?
Typically within 24-48 hrs, with the movement of likes and check-ins and also occasionally taking a bit much longer.

How do I examine the development of a combine?
As soon as you've submitted a support request, you ought to now see a tab under Setups called "Web page Assistance" where you could check the condition of your demand.

Can I unmerge both accounts when I've combined them?
There is no other way to reverse the merge once it's been completed.

Will my followers/fans be educated of the combine?
No, your fans are only notified if there is a name modification.

What occurs if users have bookmarked the old Facebook page that has been combined?
They will immediately be redirected to the existing web page.

It really did not function; just how do I speak to Facebook for support?
Please keep in mind that we are not Facebook Aid. If your merge did not work, please get in touch with Facebook through the "report a problem" link. If you have an ad account, you can also consult the marketer support section in Facebook's Ads Supervisor, which ought to lead to a quicker action.